Steering Committee

Pascal Amphoux, Mireille Apel-Muller, Yuna Conan, Carles Llop, Jean-Pierre Orfeuil, Laetitia Rossi, Didier Rebois, Marcel Smets  and Maarten Van Acker

Marcel Smets: Architect and urban planner, Professor Emeritus at Leuven University, Belgium Theorist and practitioner. Specialist in the refurbishment of former industrial, dockland and infrastructure sites, he has designed and headed major urban projects. Consultant architect to the Flemish government from 2005 to 2010, he has been Chairman of the IVM Steering and Scientific committee since 2012 and is the Scientific Director of the Passages’ project.

Pascal Amphoux: architect and geographer, founder and director of Contrepoint, Projets urbains in Lausanne (CH), a consulting office for architectural, urban and/or artistic projects. Professor at School of Architecture of Nantes he is also the author of numerous publications focusing on the specific relations between the project practice, landscape aesthetics and social science methods.

Carles Llop: Architect and urban planner (Jornet_Llop_Pastor), Director of the Department of Urbanism and Urban and Regional Planning at the University of Catalonia. Carles Llop has received the National prize for planning from Spain’s Housing Ministry  in 2010, the European Prize for Urban Development in 2010 and the Biennale XI”Spain Architecture Prize in Spain

Maarten Van Acker is fascinated by cities and what shapes them. He is trained as an ir. architect and urban designer, and holds a PhD for his research on the impact of infrastructure design on urbanisation since the 19th century. He teaches urban design and planning at the University of Antwerp and is a member of the Urban Studies Institute and co-founder of the Center for Urban Development. He serves as a consultant to the editorial board of RUIMTE, GECORO Antwerp and several architecture and urban design offices.
His last publication, From Flux to Frame, Designing Infrastructure and Shaping Urbanization in Belgium, was edited by the Leuven University Press.

Didier Rebois: architect, teacher at ENSAPLV and General Secretary of EUROPAN Europe