Passages & Playmobil

Bellastock is an architectural association that promotes territories and its resources by offering alternative building processes. Ite experiments new methods of making the city and urban planning, according to our time and more respectful of our environment. The projects are opportunities to develop a collaborative and educational approach based on a construction at a real scale. Bellastock has developed an expertise related to the material and project cycles and to the re-use in construction. It is also an international platform for resource sharing around the material, environment and sustainable development.

In 2015, it focuses on the theme of mobility through the Play Mobile project. This aims to re-examine the relationship between contemporary nomad man and urban space that surrounds him in a territory around Paris which is directly concerned with this issue. The challenge are the valorization of the active mobilities as  tools to understand a  territory and the research and experimentation at real  scale on building models of mobilities.

Through its collaboration with  IVM, the Play Mobile project helps building a reflection on the passages in a territory fragmented by infrastructures of mobilities. The aim is to design collaborative maps that highlight the existing and potential continuities and to prefigure transitions sites.