Tours & St-Pierre-des-Corps: and if the A10 opened the urban passage(s)?

Results of The Competition

Congratulations to Micro-poros team, with Marc-Antoine DURAND, Jordan AUCANT and Stéphane BONZANI, winner unanimously appointed by the jury last June 29, 2015

Special mention to the point zero plus team , from atelier georges and partners, with Thibault Barbier, Adèle Sorge, Claire Aquilina, Gabrielle Richard and Laurent Barelier

Thanks to all the participating teams participating in the workshop from May 28 to June 1, 2015, selected among 50 candidacies composed of 13 nationalities,  for the quality of their proposals:

Desire lines (FR/JAP), Atelier Gama, Mu architecture, Yasuhiro Kaneda

Turn cuts into cores (PT), Joana Barreto, Cristina Leal, Carmen Silva, Patricia Baptista, Eduardo Gonçalves

Ecran Total (FR), Thomas Bobrowski, Alice Hallynck, Flavien Kukwisz

L’Echangeur (FR/UK), Stéphane Malek , Rowan Mackay, Arthur Poisson

Infra-symbol (FR), Sébastien Gafari, Hélène Grialou, Frédéric Martinet et Thibault Salmon

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Tours & St-Pierre-Des-Corps Competition


The competition has been launched to obtain innovative scenarios that will bring new dynamism to the connections on the urban agglomeration scale and between Tours and Saint-Pierre-des-Corps while keeping the A10 motorway in service.


Open, public and international call for ideas at urban and architectural scales


For multidisciplinary teams of at least two people, aged under 40, at least one of whom is qualified in urban design (architect, urban planner, landscape architect…)


A site, situated between Tours and Saint-Pierre des Corps in France, with a programatical frame, is proposed to the candidates.

This A10 motorway crosses the city of Tours, carrying national and local traffic. These functions will continue in the future, since the idea of an orbital motorway has been abandoned.
The study area is the whole A10 motorway corridor (formed by the motorway and Avenue Georges Pompidou) between Tours & St-Pierre-des-Corps, on a section situated between Rue des Ateliers and the River Cher, for the motorway, its surrounds and its lower and higher crossings. It is essential that the teams should take account of this scale, within its urban and metropolitan context, including the surrounding districts, and of the uses to be fostered, especially in terms of forms of mobility other than the individual car: carpooling, bus on highway… They will be expected to advance proposals, including proposals about the infrastructure itself. Within this space, slightly over one kilometre long, the second objective is to choose a proposal for implementation which will subsequently be explored in greater depth. In consequence, apart from the need for ideas relating to the global scale, a specific proposal for a Passage or Passages is expected. The proposal, which the winner may be asked to develop, will relate to the sector situated at the intersection of the motorway and the railway tracks, as shown in the map. The purpose of this project is to trigger a process of long-term urban reclamation, with which all the site actors will be expected to engage, for the whole urban area the infrastructure crosses


Phase 1 – Launching of the competition (20 January 2015) ; entries :  A3 files in English of French, 4 pages : presentation of the team, poit of view on the theme, first attitude on the site and references of passages (20 January-20 March 2015) – announcement of the 7 teams selected for the workshop (10 April 2015)

Phase 2 – Workshop of 5 days with the 7 selected teams (28 May-1st June 2015):  development of the projects with the local stakeholders (cities, agglomeration, inhabitants, experts) – end of the Workshop : public presentation publique by the 7 teams
22 June 2015 : deadline for the final entries
29 June 2015 : International jury  – award of the prize-winning team
Autumn 2015 : international exhibition of results

Linking Tours and St-Pierre-Des-Corps

The context: VINCI Autoroutes has engaged since 2013 a reflection with Tours agglomeration on a better integration of the A10 highway which crosses the city. On this territory also crossed by a railway track, two rivers and a network of secondary roadworks, there are many innovative opportunities of passages to connect Tours and St Pierre des Corps, the banks of the Cher and Loire rivers, the upper and lower town. An initial program was conducted in partnership with the City Planning Agency which mobilized landscapers, architects, planners and anthropologists to take a fresh look at the infrastructure and identify issues of a stronger dialogue between the highway and the city.

The study site will focus on the A10 motorway section between the Ateliers street and the Cher river. Competitors will have to consider the highway and its surroundings, the lower and upper crossings, and promote new uses. Inside this site of issues of more than one kilometer long, the more detailed project may focus on a particular passage.

More information on the competition site

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Organisation of The Competition Intours

VINCI Autoroutes

Vincent Fanguet, operational manager projects

Mathilde Soulages, project manager  for territorial prospective

City Planning agency of Tours (ATU)

Jérôme Baratier, director

Olivier Schampion, in charge of Transport and mobilities

Expertise : Didier Rebois, architect, teacher, general secretary of Europan Europe