Buenos Aires: A passage, a city – the Scalabrini Ortiz footbridge

Which Passages for Núñez?

The context: site crossed by large infrastructures  (railway and expressway ), bad connections of the major polarities, under-utilized railway line and remote station, poorly connected with the facilities

Main issues: facilitate the passage between the footbal stadium Monumental, University campus, the Plata river and urban neighbourhoods

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Intervention in A Landscape of Urban Barriers

August 2014: submission of projects

September 2014: temporary experimental installation for the transformation of the existing bridge and its access routes

1-2 September 2014: results, lectures and workshops

Find here more information on the student competition

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Results of The Student Competition on The Footbridge

Last 2 September, at the Central Society of Architects in Buenos Aires (SCA) were announced the results of the student competition.
The prize-winning projects proposed various interpretations, from minimalist interventions on the footbridge linking the station to the campus, to radical change of the motorway into an urban boulevard, with traffic lights and a reduced speed limit.

The jury, presided by Marcel Smets, awarded the following teams:

  • First prize : Marcos Altgelt and Segundo Denegri; Tutor: Constanza Nuñez
  • Second prizes ex aequo : Rodrigo Di Cesare, Ignacio Di Gilio, Lautaro Vogel and Emir Zuain; tutor: Juan Carlos Etulain
  • Gabriel Safranchik, Javier Deyheralde, Fabián Dejtiar et Santiago Trivilino; cCollaborator: Ailén Aljadeff; Tutor: Ludmila Crippa


Click here for more information on the results

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Coordination in Buenos Aires

Coordination : Andres Borthagaray, Carla Laguzzi

Organized with the Sociedad Central de Arquitectos, the association Amigos del Lago de Palermo, the Faculty of Architecture, design and urban planning of the University of Buenos Aires, ALVINA foundation and the city department for mobility of the Municipality