Barcelona, Sant Adrià del Besòs: from city to sea

The Results of The Competition

The jury of the competition organized last 24 April has awarded the team of Data Arquitectura i enginyeria S.L.P. (Spain) for its project  PA(I)SSATGE among the 5 ones that had been selected to further develop their ideas in a second anonymous phase.

The 5 selected teams:

Data Arquitectura i enginyeria S.L.P. (Spain)
Sensual City estudio (France)
Lacomba setoain arquitectos asociados SLP & Eduard Bru Bistuer (
UTE Franc Fernández, Antonio Ravalli, Xavier Vancells (
Estudi arquitectura Toni Gironès (

Les experts reviewed the 28 entries from Europe according to the following criterias: teams references (experience in urban projects, prizes, academic work and multidisciplinarity); competences (first proposals for the site in relation with the theme of the competition) ; capacities to design transitional spaces in an urban environment

These 5 teams took part to an informative session the 5th of February 2015.

The jury : Marcel  Smets, President, IVM ; Antoni Alarcón i Puerto, director of the Consorci del Besòs, Esteve  Bonell, architect and representative of the COAC ; Bernd Vlay, IVM international ; Willy Muller, director of Barcelona Regional, Ramon Torra i Xicoi, technical dirertor of the AMB; Joan llort Corbella, Deputy Director of Planning Department of the City of Barcelona ; Glòria viladrich,  Director of Planning Department of the City of Sant adrià de Besòs ; Miquel  Roig Roch, Deputy Director of Planning Department of the City of Santa Coloma de Gramenet ; Marta  Bunyesch, Director of Planning Department of the City of  Montcada i Reixach ; Manolo Ruisanchez, representative of the COAC ; Joaquim Calafí Rius, Executive director of the Consorci del Besòs

Passages Besòs Competition


The objective of the “PassatgeBesòs” contest is to provide a proposal to improve the existing underpass under the railway line that connects the Avinguda de la Platja with the sea, the tram and the site of the former Besòs power station in Sant Adrià de Besòs. The cost of implementing the proposal may not exceed a maximum amount of €500,000.


All those who are legal age and can individually or collectively base their project within the field of urban planning, may participate in the competition. Whether participating individually or collectively there must be at least 1 technical member who, based on their Professional qualifications and degree, has the competency for the drafting and signing of the proposed project.

The tender is set up in 2 Phases: the first phase that is not anonymous where 5 teams will be selected based on their competence and experience in similar projects. A second anonymous phase in which the 5 chosen teams will present a proposal with a specified slogan.

None of the competition organizers, technical and administrative staff of the Consorci del Besòs, members of the IVM, collaborators related to competition, technical staff of any of the collaborating city halls, may participate in the contest.


The public tender “Passatge Besòs” will take place in two phases; the first phase (Application for participation) is open to everyone and a the second phase (proposal) will be restricted to the development of the top five proposals selected among all the applications received during the first phase. The application is free.


Phase 1: 1 December 2014: registration opens; 1-5 December: questions; 19 January 2015: deadline for applications; 28 January 2015: announcement of the five finalists that will follow the competition phase

Phase 2: 5 February 2015: seminar for the 5 teams – 22 April 2015: submission (anonymous) of the final proposals – 30 April 2015: announcement of results: one winning team and four runners-up


In Santa Adrià del Besòs, east of Barcelona, How to convert a passage under the coastal railway into a welcoming public space to facilitate local access to the sea?


– Document of specific administrative clauses (In Spanish and Catalan)
-Technical specifications document
– Tender presentation (brochure in English, Catalan, Spanish and French)
– Cartographic base 1: 1000 in .dwg format
-Location orthophoto and images
-Presentation dossier of the project “passages de l’IVM” and presentation by M. Smets

On the site there are also other documents related to the scope of the project which can help to make the site more understandable and show who uses it, as well as current images, old images, historical maps, etc.


The 5 teams / individual finalists will receive the amount of €4,000 at the end of the competition in fees and production expenses. Of these five, the winning team will execute a preliminary project valued in €8,000.

The Consorci may decide to contract all or part of the construction project to the team after the completion of the preliminary project.

The Issues of The Site of San Adria Del Besós


Issue: Transform an existing passage under the coastal railway line into a welcoming public space that will make it easier for residents of the Sant Adrià del Besòs  district to access the sea. Similar situations exist along the whole Catalan coast, so the official competition of ideas followed by implementation will be accompanied by a more general typological survey.

The challenges: crossing the coastal  railway, relation city-sea-river, integration to the new transformations of the site, micro hub

Size of the site:

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Coordination Besos

Coordination : Carles Llop, Aleix Armengol, Rosa Rull, Andrea Caparrós and Carme Garau

Consorcí del Besòs : Antoni Alarcón, Joaquim Calafí

In collaboration with the Col·legi d’Arquitectes de Catalunya