The first publications in Latin America and Barcelona

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Revista R special issue in Montevideo

Following the workshop SMVD +Passages organized by the Faculty of Architecture of the University of the Republic in Montevideo in September 2014, a special issue of the magazine of the University “Revista R” was released in November 2015 on the theme of Passages, in coordination with IVM Latin America.


p. 8 – Introductions by Andres Borthagaray (director IVM Latin America) and Daniela Urrutia (architect, University of the Republic and responsible of the publication), Gustavo Scheps (University of the Republic, Dean of the Faculty of Architecture), Ana Olivera (Mayor of Montevideo) and Marcel Smets (scientific director of Passages)

p.30 – Taller SMVD + P: the workshop, the sites, the results and their analysis

p. 98 – Types of passages in Latin America: an overview (Andres Borthagaray), Brazil (Fabiana Izaga and Angelica Aparecida), Argentina (Daniel Kozak and Francisco Ortiz) and Chile (Rosanna Forray and Cristhian Figueroa)

p.142- Passages and BR:  Manuel Herce Juan Carlos Dextre and Isabel Arteaga

p. 178 – The international program and its results

The Revista online

Results of the competitions in Barcelona

Presentation of the 7 competitions “Metropolitan Passages” et “Adria del Besos, from city to sea” – catalogue published by AMB in November 2015

Articles de Marcel Smets, Ramon Torra, Enric Batle, Sito Alarcon et présentation détaillée des projets primés

Read the catalogue online