Press kit of the Passages exhibition in Paris

Press release

From May 4 to June 5, the City on the Move Institute presents the international exhibition “Passages, transitional spaces for the 21-st century city” at the gallery Passage du Désir in Paris.

Shortcuts, transitional spaces, special routes, passages (tunnels, bridges, walkways, urban cable ways, escalators…) are crucial in facilitating access for all to the city. The aim of this event is to encourage their recognition as essential links in our patterns of urban movement.

Projects conducted in 40 of the world’s cities provide public examples of barriers in today’s city, the situations of passages in our day-to-day travel practices, and solutions for the future.

After the exhibitions “The street belongs to all of us…!” in 2007 and “Dream cities, sustainable cities” in 2010, “Passages” is the new production of the City on the Move Institute, and extends its work on the quality of the spaces of movement.

Contact / Press relationships

Julien Barbier – Communication Officer
Institut pour la ville en mouvement
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