What is the Passages project ?

Brochure of the programme

Action-research project in partnership with the cities of Barcelona, Buenos Aires, Montevideo, Paris, Santiago, Shanghai, Toronto, Tours, Valparaiso, Paris… for the implementation of demonstration projects, academic exchanges and architectural and cultural events.

Since may 2013, a network of international experts has been working together to develop research and scientific, cultural and artistic events and to launch competitions in architecture, design, shorts movies…


Several active test projects on demonstration sites in Barcelona, Paris, Toronto, Shanghai, Buenos Aires, Montevideo,  Tours, Sao Paulo,  Bogotá,  Bologna… based on call for ideas, competition of architecture, town planning, art, design…

Passage cities club based around a declaration of intent by cities, companies and voluntary bodies, in order to help educate urban representatives through the exchange of experience.

A Research hub linked to local experiments: networks of universities, research centers, educational workshops will explore the specific local dimensions of the passage, in the cities that propose demonstration sites, but also in Guanzhou , Santiago, Rio de Janeiro, Valparaiso…

A Cultural and artistic program: in-situ performances – dance, cinema, visual arts – short films competitions…

Workshops, seminars, conferences and an international closing colloquium  from a multidisciplinary perspective

An International traveling exhibition with a presentation fo the demonstration sites, experiences of innovation, artistic productions

Publications: exhibition catalogue, thematic dossiers

SINCE 2013

Seminars in Shanghai, Barcelona and Toronto, student projects in Barcelona, Toronto, Montevideo, student competition in Buenos Aires, travelling of 156 passages


Launching of the first competitions of realization of innovative passages in :  Six Metropolitan passages in BarcelonaShanghaiBarcelona – BesósToronto, Tours

Launching of the short-films competition “Passages in African cities” in December 2014

Continuation and launching of the researches in à BogotáMontevideoSantiagoBarcelona, ValparaisoSao Paulo