Moses Bridge

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Halsteren, Holland, 2011.

Architect : RO & AD architecten.

Building an invisible bridge, located below the water level in order to mould the curves the landscape and not to be seen from a distance. It is only when you approach the edifice that you discover a narrow trench leading to the fortress, like Moses walking on the seas. When it is raining, the water level is regulated by dams upstream of the river. “Sometimes there might be floods,” explains Ad Kil, one of the architects of the Moses Bridge. “For example, when it is raining a lot or when there is a lot of wind, water may splash. But there is a small pump inside the deck, that can be manually activated, to evacuate it”, he says.
Moreover, the water may freezes in winter. The level is then 20 or 30 cm higher than the bridge and people can skate on it.

Selection by Didier Rebois