University of Thessalie

Department of architecture, University of Thessalie, Volos, Greece

The department of Architecture of the Thessaly University organized last May 2015 a workshop on the theme of passages in town. The passages are parts of the city and architectural pieces. They organize our daily journeys. They often provide a highly sensitive and symbolic experience.
Shortcuts declined in crossroad piercing the urban tissue or line formed by the desire by the foot pressure on the grass, they are used to connect spaces and functions, to cross barriers, and to intervene on the city quickly in its interstices. They refer to an imaginary of public spaces (literature, film, architecture, arts). They are significant in a culture and in a society. Whether physical or symbolic, passages create the identity and the qualities of the city by punctuating the urban grid with unexpected spaces

The workshop was supervised by Theoklis Kanarelis, Constantinos Manolidis and Nicolas Remy, teachers at the department.

They welcomed for this occasion, Magali Paris, teacher-researcher at the National School of Architecture of Grenoble, landscape engineer specializing in Ambiances and in the place of Nature in cities.

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