Consorcí Del Besòs

Besòs competition, Barcelona

The Consortium Besòs is a local institution formed by the municipalities of Barcelona, ​​Sant Adria del Besòs, Santa Coloma de Gramenet and Montcada Reixac. It aims to ensure the unity of public action on the territory in the fields of urban planning, construction and  development of infrastructures, energy efficiency,  urban environment and management and design of a new public space.

The Consortium del Besòs made ​​the observation that the connection issues and the needs “passages” are a major challenge for the neighboring municipalities of Besòs, such as crossing the river, linking neighborhoods separated by many facilities that constitute real borders (ie. the railway project of LGV, the railway along the coast blocking people’s access to the sea, road interchanges absorbed by urbanization, connections between parks …). Its participation to the programme “Passages” enables to mobilize economic, cultural, political, institutional, technical stakeholders around a concrete and collective action.