Passages and Cinema Seminar

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Cinémathèque of Grenoble, 15July 2014


Among the modes of representation and expression of  yesterday and tomorrow passages, cinema has a special place, which we wish to identify and discuss the uniqueness and specificity:

  • with examples in classical or temporary films,
  • extrapolating criteria or specifically cinematographic issues

Participants : Nicolas Tixier (president of the Cinémathèque of Grenoble), Pascal Amphoux (expert IVM, Lausanne), Yuna Conan (IVM, Paris), Guillaume Poulet (director Cinémathèque, Grenoble), Laetitia Boulle (project manager, Cinémathèque, Grenoble), Ulrich Fischer (C-side production, Genève), Naïm Aït-Sidhoum (productor , Vill9 la série), Demis Herenger (film director), Julien Perrin (DoP), Sylvain Angiboust (journalist), Yann Fandrin (film director), Laure Sainte-Rose (ad libitum) ,Giuseppe Gavazza (composer)