Valparaíso: Vertical Passage and Urban Mobility

Workshop in Urban Project

The challenge: refresh the concept of vertical passages by upgrading and reformulating their identity of these contemporary public spaces; regenerating this scale of urban mobility; reactivating the neighborhood; highlighting the UNESCO heritage

8 groups in workshops of  architectural project at the Technical  University of Santa Maria : analysis, observation and creation of an inventory situations passages – similarities and differences.

Teaching team: Macarena Barrientos, Roberto Barria, Pedro Serrano, Pablo Sylvia & Juan Pablo Gatiga, architects, University Federico Santa Maria

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Academic Research

International seminar

As part of the symposium “Recuperation of public space for community life” organized last December 9, 2013 by the Regional Secretariat of the habitat of urban planning, lecture by Macarena Barrientos and Roberto Barria, architects and professors at the Federico Santa Maria University in Valparaiso on the theme: “Passage, stairs, hill, neighborhood, city: a case of mobility”

Research and teaching

Diplomas of two students of the Technical  University of Santa Maria  on “Passages, (re) generation of territories and potential  updating” and “Vertical passage: transition spaces for the Valparaiso of the 21th century”.

Institute of Geography at the Catholic University of Valparaiso, territorial plannnig department: theme of the du tilt and management of the slope

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