Seminario Montevideo + Passages

Casavalle: Crossing Physical, Territorial, Social and Cultural Barriers

Casavalle is a big poor and informal neighborhood  at the periphery of Montevideo where the Municipality is developing a program of urban integration (Plan Casavalle, kind of civic axis for facilities and infrastructures). The site is crossed by  watercourses and is still lacking of infrastructures, internal  and external connections.
The issue on the site of the Cańada Matilde Pacheco is, from the observation and the inclusion of the uses, to propose the implementation of a passage towards the urban facilities (footbridge, lights, work on the soils….).

Three groups worked on the site of Casavaller:

  • workshop Danza
  • workshop Scheps
  • worshop Perdomo


More information on the webiste of the University

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Varela is a strategic site for the city of Montevideo. Crossed by two main expressways of the site, the issue is to think new connections inside the site and with the whole city.

Four groups have worked on this site:

  • workshop Berio
  • workshop Comerci
  • workshop Ridao
  • workshop Schelotto
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Malvin Norte

Malvin Norte is site with high-rise housing buildings of the 1960s cut from the city. The current transformation of the urban transport network and the development of the city of Montevideo are an opportunity for public investments that connect Malvin Norte to the rest of the city and create passages in disconnected housing blocks lacking of public space.

Two groups of students have been working on this site:

Apolo workshop
Betoloza workshop

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Coordination Montevideo

Municipality: Ana Olivera (Mayor of Montevideo), Juan Pedro Urruzola (Director of the planning department)

University of the RepublicSeminario Montevideo : Daniella Urrutia (coordination), Gustavo Scheps (dean)

Expert IVM: Pascal Amphoux