Santiago De Chili : Crossing the Railway

The Projects of The Student Workshop

Four projects of passages at San Bernardo station presented in June 2015 by the students in archicture of the Pontificia Universidad Católica de Chile :

A park to cross the railway by Luis Pizarro

A place to meet people by Magdalena Espinosa

The passage of popular shopping by Ignacia Larraín

A safe passage to go to school by Daniella  Ahumada

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How to Create Porosity Between Connected City and Districts with Poor Facilities?


Reweave an ecological network at the intersection of public transport in poor areas
Intermodal connexion (train-bus, railway, connections Est-West)


Prepare the draft for an “urban design” whose publication will bring the issue of the railway crossing in the  public debate

Nature of the project: Student workshop and competition – in process



Municipality of San Bernardo


Empresa de Ferrocarriles del Estado (EFE)

Workshop of Urban Project

Start: August 2014

Phase 1:  site analysis and pre-projects : August-December 2014

Phase 2: projects’ development – January-March 2015

Phase 3: final projects  – April-May 2015

Coordination Santiago