Nantes/barcelona: Make-Up a Passage, Make Reference

Programme of The Seminar and Lectures

08.30  Introductions.

How to make passage? How to make reference ? Those are the two questions These are the two questions that were discussed freely by each person, focusing on a project, an example or a singular argument.

08h45-09h45   Session 1

Pascal Amphoux, “Sentitive passage, passage in the metro”
Carlos Llop, “La Mina, passing street “

9.15. Debate animated by the students

10h15-11h15  Session 2

Dorothée Guéneau, “Sleight of hand in  Pré Leroy”
Franck Fernandez, “Shortcuts in architecture” 

10.45. Debate animated by the students

11h15-12h15  Session 3

Bruno Plisson,  “Five contemporary references and a small handle pass” 
Rosa Rull, “A house as a passage”

12h15    Synthesis and Assessment

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