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Passage Toolbox – Workshop in Urban Project 2013-14

Some essential attributes specific to the passage as an urban element

Dossier made by Carles llop and Rosa Rull

Catalina Salvà (Doctoranda UPC)

Carme Garau, Andrea Caparrós and Aleix Armengol (becaris etsav)

All the projects on the website of the workshop

Symposium: “how to Pass, how To Refer?”

The mini-symposyum was conceived as a public space of presentations and debates.


Thursday 9 OCtober 2014, 8:30-12:30
Ecole Nationale Supérieure d’Architecture de Nantes
6 Quai François Mitterrand   F 44262 NANTES CEDEX 2


If the notion of passage can be seen as a way to renew the design of the contemporary urban public space, we must be careful and accurate when we refer to ancient and contemporary passages. How to pass? How to refer? These are the two issues that were discussed freely by each participant, focusing a a specific project, exampleor argument.
Three one-hour sessions will were followed by an open discussion with the public.


08.30 :  Introductions.
How to pass, how to refer?

08h45-09h45 : Session 1
Pascal  Amphoux, « Sensitive passage, underground passage »
Carlos Llop, « La Mina, passing street »
Debat moderated by the student of the two schools

10h15-11h15 : Session 2
Dorothée Guéneau, « “Tour de passe passe” at the Pré Leroy »
Franck Fernandez, « Shortcuts in architecture »
Debate moderated by the student of the two schools

11h15-12h15: Session 3
Bruno Plisson, « Five contemporary references and a passage at small crank  »
Rosa Rull, « The house as passage »
Debate moderated by the student of the two schools

12h15: conclusion