Launching of the competitions in Barcelona

« 1 of 2 »

Presentation of the two first competitions of ideas followed by implementation «Besòs» and «Metropolitain Passages»

▪ 3 June 2014, 18-21 pm at the Center for Contemporary Culture of Barcelona (CCCB)


Debate led by par Carles Llop, architect and town planner (Jornet_Llop_Pastor), Director of the Department of Urban Planning at Catalonia University of Technology

On the occasion of the finishing of the European Prize for Urban Public Space exhibition.

With :
▪ Sito  Alarcòn, Consorci : Presentation of the Besòs competition
▪ Mireille Apel-Muller, Chief Executive IVM : Presentation of the international programme Passages
▪ Marcel Smets, Scientific director of the programme «Passages», president of IVM Scientific Committee: Theoritical and thematical approach of the programme
▪  Ramón Torra, Area Metropolitana de Barcelona: Presentation of the “Metropolitain Passages” competitions

Projection of the video wall Passages

Presentation of the Video “Passages, Registres”

In partnership with:  Àrea Metropolitana de Barcelona ; Consorci del Besòs ; CCCB ; FAD